Darion Capital Management (DCM) was founded in 1966 and is the co-founder of the agricultural futures market in the Netherlands. It is an independent investment firm. We boast a broad expertise in a variety of investment products. Our core competencies are the currency, the agricultural futures (commodities) and mutual funds.

DCM focuses on private, professional and institutional investors, which are attended to bespokingly, thanks to our dynamic organization and our attention to detail.

Ewout Hol

Ewout Hol is co-director and founder of Tielkemeijer & Partners Asset Management. After finishing his financial and economic education Hol worked at cannery Hak from 1978 . At first in various financial positions, later as Head of Corporate Affairs. As a gifted investor Hol founded one of the first Dutch investment clubs in the early nineties . In 1996 Hans Tielkemeijer was advisor to the club where Hol had been residing as treasurer. Hol and Tielkemeijer have combined their knowledge in Tielkemeijer & Partners Asset Management. Within that company Hol holds overall responsibility for Personnel, Finance and Compliance and reporting to AFM, DNB and shareholders.

Peter Praat

With an agricultural background and training, Peter began his career as a representative for a Cooperation in animal food and pesticides. In 1986 Peter started his work as an intermediary / broker in potato futures. He has 23 years of experience in this particular market where the interaction between professional players and speculators plays a major role. In this specialized market Peter is a broker that unites supply and demand in a responsible manner, thus reaching good pricing. As a director Peter has as been responsible for Darion’s agricultural markets since 2001. For many of Darion’s regular customers he is the most important contact.

Hans Tielkemeijer

Hans Tielkemeijer is responsible for the asset management activities of Darion. He is also the co-director and founder of Tielkemeijer & Partners Asset Management. Hans has been active as an investment advisor for 25 years and is specialized in risk management. His style is best characterized as a down-to-earth’ approach. His investment policy is inspired by the Anglo-Saxon style with emphasis on capital preservation rather then on quick profits. Tielkemeijer is a frequent guest speaker; he speaks frequently at lectures for accountants, notaries, tax specialists and investment clubs. Hans also guest-lectures at the Erasmus University and Hogeschool InHolland. Hans publishes a newsletter (“De Tip van Tielkemeijer) and multiple columns for financial websites.